In the Beginning…Wedding Bliss Fairmont Hotel San Francisco, January 2013-The Lamb Toward the Slaughter…In Canon D Major Pachelbel’s Canon D Version

Dr. John H. Velyvis, is an orthopedic surgeon. He attended Harvard and Columbia University.  I had attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York. He and I are both in our fifties.  My children were high school aged, and his three were in early elementary years when we first met.

We met at St. Helena Catholic Church in Napa County, CA. A picturesque backdrop to a lovely courtship that ensued after he became my orthopedic doctor. I had knee injuries.  He told me the Lord God had directed him to me. That our union was meant to be. I was the “Love of his life!” After being divorced from my children’s father for many, many years, I  felt this was perfect timing. Everything felt just right. Then my mother passed away, leaving me distraught. I was appreciative of the support he gave to me during my time of grieving. Perhaps my gaurd was dropped.

After four seasons of dating, I was presented a gorgeous engagement ring at Old Saint Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in San Francisco on Christmas Eve 2012.

The San Francisco Wedding was “confidential.” We obtained a confidential wedding licence because I was told his first ex-wife was a “loose canon.” I now know that is untrue as she was/is not. 3 weeks later, on a Bluebelt Technologies business trip, I sustained a  bloody nose at his hand.

Just 5 months later, we had a second ceremony on the East Coast. Upon our return to Northern CA, he was arrested for a felony assault on me. I froze. For the next 3.5 weeks, I lyed in our king size bed starring at the Icon on the wall of Jesus Christ.

I filed for a legal separation on October 17, 2013 after months of continued abuse. I later dismissed the suit because he promised to get treatment. Once upon a time…

Author: Melissanne

My name is Melissanne Velyvis. I am the mother of two successful adult children, and one adorable grand-child. I am a survivor of physical, emotional, and economic abuse. Due to the judicial misconduct of the Hon. Beverly Wood of Marin County, CA, I am not properly protected. I believe my story is of public concern. I would like to educate the public about Non-fatal Strangulation. I can be reached at

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