Lady Legacy, Pet’s Need Protection Too

Lady’s Legacy | Kathy’s Legacy Foundatio

Click on the link to see Kathy’s yellow labrador and to read Lady’s story. I have posted my black labrador, Kingston whom I miss dearly.  I last saw him in September of 2016. He was cruely taken from me. I was told he was sent away to Spain with a dog walker? To date, there has been no proof of his location. I don’t know if he is alive. What I do know is that my ex did away with him to hurt me. I had petitioned for my beloved pet. I love you Kingston!

Popped Finger/Vessels Left Hand Battery

My wrists were often twisted backwards. On this day, my middle finger was pushed all the way backwards until I could feel and hear it pop. I was lying in bed sick. He was angry because I didn’t want to get up and cook dinner. He sat on me, and twisted both wrists, then popped my finger. I was black and blue for a month. I still have pain from time to time in this area.poppedvesselhand1