Survivor of Non-Fatal Strangulation

Within hours of being sadistically strangled, I found myself attending our weekly Mass at St. Isabella’s  Catholic Parish. Per usual, seated on the front pew as my husband took to the podium as  lector. Only this day, I heard no words. I just saw his mouth moving as he pretended to be pious.  I wanted to regurgitate. I’m still desensitized.

I am here to illustrate my journey, as I continue to  overcome the effects of this lethal form of power and control. I  believe  my public outcry is necessary for my own safety,  as I call out the man who is responsible for my trauma. A Harvard/Columbia trained surgeon who took an oath to help people. When I finally gathered the courage to Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence, he used his stature to upend Domestic Violence Law to scam an edge in the Divorce proceedings. I am not alone as this happens to countless women across America.

I also believe it is of public importance to be aware of the intellectual dishonestly of the Hon. Beverly Wood of Marin County whom presided over our family law matter. Her mindbending, recklessness with the truth, and disregard for verifiable facts creates emotional whiplash. AS a Catholic woman of faith, I am appalled that she uses the St. Vincent de Paul Society to promote herself judicially with her “Community Court.” Disingenuous. She shows little respect for the Sacrament of Marriage as she sits on the Family Law Bench; At least not toward the wives of Marin County. After I filed a motion to recuse her, she not only failed to step down, but ruled against me in each subsequent matter. She remains embroiled with me to date, creating another layer of protection for Dr. Velyvis.

It is my hope and prayer, that each one of us may live without fear of the people who are suppose to protect us. Public trust is of supreme importance.  I believe this is my calling and civic duty to advocate.

Sending Strength and Peace,

Melissanne Velyvis