A Domestic Violence-TRO I Filed September 2018 Against Dr. John Velyvis, but was Wrongfully Denied Without a Hearing…..My DV-700 to Extend My DVRO Against Him “Went Awry” in the courthouse according to Judge Beverly Wood

Melissanne DV-TRO 2018

Judge Beverly Wood of Marin County Court has been embroiled with me since the beginning as she is with most wives in divorce in Marin County. She is biased toward Dr. Velyvis due to his position as a surgeon, and treats him as her peer overall. Disgusting.

I had a right to an automatic renewal of my expiring DVRO against Dr. John Velyvis in May 2017. My attorney, Arvin Lugay filed the correct paperwork for the matter. The Court failed to address it for quite some time. Judge Beverly Wood stated my filing (DV-700) must have, “went awry as often happens.” I was stunned. She basically made me begin all over again. Then denied it without a hearing. This is one of several orders currently  on Appeal with the San Francisco Appellate Court.

I had recused this judge for cause in October of 2017 at the recommendation of  Marin attorneys. She failed to step down, then ruled against me in EVERY SINGLE hearing afterwards. I have been retaliated against for filing Commission for Judicial Performance Complaints against her as well. She designated me a vexatious litigant in the summer of 2018 to block me from access to justice throughout the final divorce. I never wanted to be a Pro se litigant. She erred by not following the California Rules of Court concerning attorney retainer fees in my divorce. A manifestation of abuse of discretion in this case.

I have removed the children’s first names on DV-TRO.

I have been unprotected. This is what happens when a woman cannot afford proper counsel. Money talks in Marin County, California.


Popped Finger/Vessels Left Hand Battery

My wrists were often twisted backwards. On this day, my middle finger was pushed all the way backwards until I could feel and hear it pop. I was lying in bed sick. He was angry because I didn’t want to get up and cook dinner. He sat on me, and twisted both wrists, then popped my finger. I was black and blue for a month. I still have pain from time to time in this area.poppedvesselhand1

Cryptic Email Dr. John Velyvis Wrote to Me After He Knew I Wanted a Separation 2016

Oceans ROAR

The link above is an email John sent to me after he realized I really wanted a separation. He cut off all finances while I was at a hotel for safety. I had just flown back into CA from attending the birth of my Grandson in Texas. John had warned me that there would be hell to pay when I returned home. He told me I would need to sit down on the chair and take it. That I was not aloud to speak, only repent. My son witnessed this warning on speaker phone the night before I departed DFW airport in Texas. Upon my return to San Francisco, I grew more fearful. I ended up checking into a hotel that night. I later text John to let him know I was tired, it was late, and I felt we should meet at home the following day. John spoke of burning, fire, hell a lot. He called me Jezabel. He said, “Jezabel burns. ” Freaky considering he stored 45 gallons of gasoline on the side of our home in Pacheco Valle. He was unhinged most of the time.

John often communicates in cryptic form on his Facebook. It was norm to me. I take this email as a warning. Looking back now, absolutely it was a WARNING.  He has carried it out for the past few years. He isn’t done I assure you. The reason I am afraid of him after all of these years? He told me I betrayed him “Spiritually. ” That I was the love of his life. That he had waited all of his life to meet me. I had no right to leave him. He always told me that God gave me to him.

We met at St. Helena Catholic Church. He later told me he had been watching me for 3 weeks. At that point I had no clue who he was. He believed God told him we were meant to be. We attended Mass multiple times per week. It was never enough. It grew weird as he seemed delusional at times. So in the end, he told me I betrayed him.

What he didn’t realize is that I did love him, but  I left him because of his violence. 9 months of the Mankind Batterer program seemed to make him worse. He knew I was about to file for a Legal Separation, and then strategically filed a Dissolution first. It took me years to get over the Spiritual Abuse.  The Oceans’s Roar haunts…

I AM SORRY…To Certain Special People…

I am sorry. I am. I didn’t intend to hurt anyone. With all do respect…I am hurt. Yes, hurt, All of you don’t see my pain. I loved your loved one. I truly did. He was the abuser. Not me.

Please don’t continue to c over for him. Enough damage already.



I wish you all the best,



Dr. John H. Velyvis, My Ex- Husband is My Abuser, and He Wants Me Dead. It is Not a Question of If, but a Question of When. I Am In Danger Everyday of Being Killed by This Man. I Have Been Bullied into Silence Until Now. I Have Been Hiding Out Since 2013. I Finally Left Him in the Fall of 2016. Hiding the Truth Has Been Harmful. He Hired a Crooked Defense Attorney. My Health and Recovery Has Been Harmed by Silence. Someone, Please Help Me. This is not a Joke. Don’t Allow Corruption to Prevail. Evidence Shows Abuse.

I first published this blog in 2017. I froze. I just couldn’t manage to verbalize my story. Over time, this is changing. I published details in 2018, and was admonished for doing so. That in itself, an injustice. I ended up deleting prior posts because of it.

The fact of the matter is I suffered abuse at the hands of a trusted companion. I was bullied into silence more than a few times. I have a right to speak out. Everything I post will be true. Everything I have posted thus far is true.  I am a survivor of violence. I can post for certain that MONEY and PRESTIGIOUS OCCUPATION can allow a perpretrator tor roam free to abuse again.

My abuser was arrested in the summer of 2013 for hurting me.  I refused to cooperate with the county District Attorney at the time. The perpetrator’s criminal defense attorney, and his own mother bullied me into submission at the time.  I look back and wonder how I could have been so weak at the time. Yet, I was weak.

Less than one year later, my abuser was arrested again for assaulting me. I am embarrassed to say that I was once again a weak fool, bullied into silence. The abuse continued for years. When I finally did come forward, particular entitities covered up for my  abuser. I believe it had to do with 1. Social Status; 2. Abuser’s Attorney; 3. Judge Beverly Wood of Marin County, CA (judicial misconduct.)

Non-Fatal Strangulation, A Journey of Survival and Overcoming Trauma….Silent No More…

The next several posts detail my journey of injury, medical procedures and healing. I attempt to break the silence that trauma victims endure. I was one such victim, but now breaking out to speak fully of my experience. This blog is simply evolving as I begin to break through the writing blocks. I have been frozen time and time again, and not completely thawed. I have also been threatened into silence. Why should I cover up the physical injuries I have been left to endure? I want to hop, skip, run, play with my grand-baby, and enjoy everyday life. I hope you find strength to speak out for those who have been marginalized, sidelined and scapegoated. Speak the truth………..