Marin Family Court Misconduct Judge Beverly Wood Reprinted from Center for Judicial Excellence

Marin Court Misconduct Judge Beverly Wood

I have experienced first hand the misconduct of  Beverly Wood. My advice to any divorcing couple is to move out of Marin County beforehand if justice is what you desire. I have learned there are the California Rules of Court, the Marin Local Rules of Court, and the “Make up Rules as We go Along Rules of Court Under the Guise of Judicial Discretion.” I personally try hard to follow all procedural rules which is difficut to navigate in itself. I am stunned that the court itself doesn’t adhere to the proper rules of the California. It is my opinion that the Hon. Beverly Wood is intellectually dishonest.

The dishonesty of the court  is why the Dr. John Velyvis’s of the world get away with just about anything in Court. Money talks. I really wish I were able to attend the recent Legislative Hearing at the Sacramento Capital last month. I would have made a public comment there along with many other members of the public. There are many women who have sent in complaints to the Commission for Judicial Performance concerning Judge Wood. These are not “disgruntled” women who didn’t like a ruling. These are woman whose basic rights have been stripped away.

Due process rights. Fundamental rights are stripped away from the party that the Hon. Beverly Wood doesn’t like, usually the Wife/Litigant in the Divorce case. Her “OFAH” Orders and Findings After Hearing rarely coincide with the actual Court Reporter Transcripts. I have reviewed different cases. Much misrepresentation of facts occurs. I have spoken to lawyers who agree but don’t challenge her for fear of retaliation. This reprint is worth the read for those serious about judicial accountability and the rights of all citizens.

Author: Melissanne

My name is Melissanne Velyvis. I am the mother of two successful adult children, and one adorable grand-child. I am a survivor of physical, emotional, and economic abuse. Due to the judicial misconduct of the Hon. Beverly Wood of Marin County, CA, I am not properly protected. I believe my story is of public concern. I would like to educate the public about Non-fatal Strangulation. I can be reached at

2 thoughts on “Marin Family Court Misconduct Judge Beverly Wood Reprinted from Center for Judicial Excellence”

  1. She gave a 5 year stay away order and said I was a unfit parent to my child who lived in Marin, but not to my kids lives with me in Solano County. When I challenged that by asking how is that possible she said she didn’t have to explain. The mother way of saying I was unfit was saying that I had affiliation to a San Francisco community of with my extended family is from & where Iv grew up at. Then because I’m a rap artist the mother used my poetry lyrics witch is my freedom of speech as to use a reason to been considered unfit. Iv been a father since 16 of age been working since I was 15 & have raised all 7 of my kids with & by the same mother minus one that I have with another that I’m speaking about this case at hand. Judge wood called a recess & when leaving from the judges podium she heard ask my mom a question & then threw us out of the court room, we didn’t no what we did once I walked out she gave my son mother the 5 year she asked for. There’s so much I can go on and on.


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