I AM SORRY…To Certain Special People…

I am sorry. I am. I didn’t intend to hurt anyone. With all do respect…I am hurt. Yes, hurt, All of you don’t see my pain. I loved your loved one. I truly did. He was the abuser. Not me.

Please don’t continue to c over for him. Enough damage already.



I wish you all the best,



Author: Melissanne

My name is Melissanne Velyvis. I am the mother of two successful adult children, and one adorable grand-child. I am a survivor of physical, emotional, and economic abuse. Due to the judicial misconduct of the Hon. Beverly Wood of Marin County, CA, I am not properly protected. I believe my story is of public concern. I would like to educate the public about Non-fatal Strangulation. I can be reached at melissanne@melissanne-velyvis.blog

One thought on “I AM SORRY…To Certain Special People…”

  1. Not one for VIOLANCE but you don’t owe anyone an “I’M SORRY.” You got out way before you lost your whole family and life. I don’t have much left and that’s what they’re waiting on and counting on! You received physical abuse that some will never understand or acknowledge! You can LOVE others but I’m glad you loved yourself enough to leave. Many don’t understand I received 3 or 4 BRAIN INJURIES within 2 minutes. Years of hurt when we believe we’re wrong; it’s not us it’s others who believe “BURN JEZEBEL” means something! Thing is it does! HE was the JEZEBEL – it was meant as a put down or wrong doer – but BURN – for ABUSE – they shall! RELIGIOUS teaching are in first person; that’s fine and good. But without one there is no creation! JEZEBEL is a name in a story that described what type of life lead by her! In RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS “What is friend?” ONE WHO LOVES! One with respect and likeness of minds! Don’t mean your in their bed but in their heart with at least friendship! FRIENDS don’t bend other friends fingers! 1- help aid in welfair 2-give wise advise 3-remain loyal 3- love DON’T PUT US UNDER! They are as a true vine; they extend life they don’t try to take it! READ IN EXDOUS 33:11 AND ISAHIA 41:8 — There’s a story of Abraham being friends with GOD! Finding true friend is PROVERBS 13:20 ; 22:24-25; Loyalty is important but is it of GOD if were ABUSED! I DON’T BELIEVE SO! ALSO PROVERBS 18:24; 19:6; 27:9-10. READ ALL OF PROVERBS 18. Then 1 THESALONIAN 5:11; COLOSSIANS 3:13; ECCLESIASTES 4:9-10. The TEN COMMANDMENTS after the CREATIONS were received. If of GOD – did GOD hit? NO! THEN it’s his issues! “ABOVE ALL ELSE WERE HUMAN” CORRECT! JESUS CHRIS was human – he gave his life for his self but others! For time he carried his cross alone! It’s when he was helped? He was assisted to the HUDDED CROSS! The cross for victims is not of our own making but helped along with the loss of control of others! The head of thorns were placed only drops feel from those – with ABUSE VICTIMS IS IT DROPS OF TEARS or drops out of time of our human life? What about the piercing of nail? Is that not the lest take a whole lot more from this human because they believe there are greater! Bible teaches were ALL made in his image! JESUS CHRIST died rose for remission for everyone sins! Who broke the image! If of GOD thing are made – there is no killing! But with the term killing – some not kill the living breathing part but what about the inter soul! You can have your skin but the inter most part consist of what drives another to strive and live and exist! ABUSERS believe if they kill what makes us want to fight for everyday and we hurt ourselves then that’s on us; never them! Thing is there is JEZEBEL but also SATIN! Were human first! In GEN 2:18 “It is not good that the man should be alone.” Then the TEN COMMANDMENT were LAWS not excuses or reasons to get by with hurting others! Were are from a creator no one has the right to destroy that!

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